Troy Wyles-Whelan – Chairman

Troy is a Warrgamaygan man who is affiliated with Girramaygan and Kuku Yimindhirr. Troy grew up in Ingham (Herbert River) Bagirrbarra and was born in Ayr. Throughout his career Troy has worked in mainstream, public and private sector. He was raised by, guided by the elders in the community and possesses a broad knowledge of customary, cultural and traditional practices. Troy’s working life includes the ATO for 14 years, Education for 3 years, TAFE for 5 years as a Teachers/liaison officer, Telstra and Optus telemarketing, and Assistant Manager Townsville Aboriginal Artifacts. Troy’s plans for the future are to advocate and broker on behalf of the 7 regions – 68 languages plus within the NQRACLC region. Additionally to this, he wants to create an environment within NQRACLC where language materials and resources pertaining to the Nth QLD Region are more accessible to language groups and Traditional Owners. Troy is a very proud rainforest murrie!