Roy Gray – Director

Roy is a member of the Yidinji Gimuy Clan in North Queensland and noted authority on the linguistic aspects of the Yidinji language and oral history.

Roy is employed as the Archivist of the Menmuny Museum at Yarrabah Community.

In 1992 he became a founding member of the Binan Goonj Cross Cultural Facilitation Team and a co-author of the text Binan Goonj Bridging Cultures in Health.

Due to popular demand, Binan Goonj has recently been revised and the second edition was published in 2005.

Roy superbly supports the delivery of solution oriented programs which integrate conversations to promote cross cultural listening and understanding.

He accepts invitations to share his knowledge and wisdom with those who appreciate and acknowledge his experience, provides consultancy as a Community Solution Broker and facilitator, and above all enjoys finding ways for people to work and share respectfully together.