Lucy Warrack-Director

Lucy was born on Thursday Island. Her mother’s language group is Kunjun and father was born at Old Mapoon.  On the father side, grandmother was a member of the stolen generation from the Normanton-Croydon region.

Lucy resume includes Tertiary Education as a Student Support Officer, Project Officer and Administration Officer at Tropical North Queensland institute of TAFE. Lucy has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at James Cook University and completed a Master of Social Work.

She is a passionate and committed person within social justice, human rights and equality for our people and those  who experiences socio economic hardships. Lucy is  involved in Advisory groups of St Marys School committees, ATSI Women’s and ATSI networks as well as cultural events; NAIDOC, Arts and Craft  etc.

Lucy believes that the NQRACLC can help support language groups in providing programs and services to maintaining and preserving their language.  For our people language provides a sense of belonging, identity, pride and connection to land and culture.