North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Corporation Language Centre. The language centre was formally incorporated in 2006, after having operated under the auspices of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation for many years. The work being carried out by the language centre includes workshops to record speakers of various languages, and training community members in the use of appropriate technology and equipment for their projects.

The area covered by the North Queensland Language Centre includes 68 and more Aboriginal languages over an area south to Sarina, west to the border, and north to Hopevale in North Queensland. While research has shown that only one of these groups has over 20 fluent speakers, several of the languages are now being revived as a result of the work of the language centre and its staff plus committee members.

The mission that is the driving force behind NQRACLC is to:


As the work of the language centre continues to grow the team is making increasing use of mobile workshops to reach communities in remote areas, where people are keen to begin their own language reclamation projects.

The values adopted by NQRACLC when facilitating and delivering workshops and lessons are:

Languages that are spoken or have been spoken in the area covered by NQRACLC include:

  • Bandjin
  • Jidiniji Tablelands
  • Ngadjon
  • Birri
  • Jirandali
  • Nwyaigi
  • Birri-gubba
  • Jirrbal
  • Wanamarra
  • Djabugay
  • Kudjala
  • Warrgamay
  • Girramay
  • Kuka-Djungan
  • Wulgaru-fabavv
  • Gudjal
  • Kuku-Taipan
  • Yidinji
  • Gugu Yalanji
  • Manbarra
  • Jangga
  • Mulga/Buluaybar